Types of Coffee Beans-The right beans for your coffee cup

Types of Coffee Beans-The right beans for your coffee cup

The different types of coffee beans came from all over around the world. From India to Brazil, from Sumatra to Colombia, all types of coffee beans are now available to you.

Usually, the different types of coffee beans are sorted according to their species: the most common being the Arabica and Robusta species. However, you'll hardly see any coffee branded with these names.

Most coffee makers brand their coffee with more appealing names using their geographic origin - for instance, the famous Java coffee, which is grown on Indonesia. By the time those beans reach you, they'll already be roasted (though buying green beans and roasting them at home is becoming more a common practice these days).

This roasting process can vary from slightly roasted to almost completely burnt - this last one giving origin to the also famous Espresso roast.

So, whether you go for the Arabica kind, touted as providing the best coffee beans; or the Robusta, which is more easily grown; you will find endless variations of the coffee making process for most types of coffee beans.

Decaf Sumatra-Quality Swiss water decaffeinating process
Usually being processed by Swiss Water Process (which is chemical free), decaf Sumatra coffee provides you with a rich flavor and low acidity that will please anyone tasting it. It is available in a large variety of roasts, from city to espresso.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Recipe
You can also introduce some twists to the original chocolate covered coffee beans recipe: by using flavored coffee beans (like hazelnut or vanilla) you can be certain your friends will start making excuses to come by your place.

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