Roasted Coffee-Adding flavor to your coffee

Roasted Coffee-Adding flavor to your coffee

Roasted coffee refers to one of the preparation steps of the coffee beans as they undergo the transformation process from their original green coffee beans, to the final coffee drinking form. The roasting process is one of the most important parts of the whole coffee cycle and you better get to know your roasted coffee before you proceed to the following steps.

Why are coffee beans roasted? The main purpose of the roasting process is to chemically alter the coffee beans so its good properties are maximized and the bad ones are reduced or eliminated.

 Roasted coffee should have its aromatic and flavor qualities enhanced as much as possible, however that will vary greatly according to the coffee blend and to the settings of the roasting process.

 Most of the times you will find a dark black roast instead of the preferred deep brownish one, as that roasting process will more easily hide mask lower grade coffee blends and some other processing flaws.

The best tool you have is information. By understanding the roasting process, what it should do and what it should not do, you will be a much better position the next time you are selecting your roasted coffee.

Drip Coffee-Flavorful coffee one drip the time
There are several different methods to brew coffee, and drip coffee is probably the most commonly used along with the espresso. Drip brewing is based on the process of boiling water slowly dripping through ground coffee and a paper filter. Keep in mind that coffee brewing is not an exact science. We can rely on technology to take care of some stuff.

Flavoring Coffee Beans-Make your own flavor favorite coffee
There are several methods you can use. For starters, the natural properties of coffee beans already make it pick up surrounding smells that's why you should always keep coffee it in air-tight containers. So, by simply placing a vanilla bean or cinnamon stick inside such a container together with freshly roasted coffee beans, you're already making your own flavored coffee beans.

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