Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - the world’s most famous coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - the world’s most famous coffee

Jamaican blue mountain coffee is considered to be one of the best coffees in the world. Having such strong contenders as the Hawaiian Kona coffee, how does Jamaican blue mountain coffee stand up to the competition?

On the eastern end of the island of Jamaica there is a range known as the Blue Mountains. In there, at heights above 5,500 feet the land is maintained as a Forest Reserve.

Just below that line, the weather conditions are just perfect for the growth of the world famous Jamaican blue mountain coffee.

When you taste this exquisite gourmet coffee, you will find a perfect balance in its flavor, aroma and acidity. You may find you'll have a hard time going back to other premium coffees.

And be sure to look for the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board's official seal when purchasing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. That is the only to make sure you are buying the real deal and the best way to ensure you'll have a sublime coffee tasting experience.

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