Ground Coffee-Getting closer to the coffee cup

Ground Coffee-Getting closer to the coffee cup

Ground coffee is one of the final stages in the coffee preparation process. Just put some roasted coffee beans in the grinder, and as soon as you get your ground coffee, you're getting closer to your favorite drink.

The grinding process allows us to maximize the extraction of the coffee flavor and aroma. Is it not the scent of fresh ground coffee one of the most appreciated ones?

Just do not take too long appreciating it, because within a couple of minutes the oxidation process will take away most of its flavor and aroma (if you've read our coffee beans storage article you'll know coffee and air don't mix well).

Depending on the brewing type your ground coffee will require different grind sizes. For an espresso you will need a finer grind, while for a French press you will need a larger grind. So, be sure to select the grind size appropriate to your method, and enjoy your fresh coffee.

Gourmet Coffee Beans-The best of the best in coffee beans
Once you've tried gourmet coffee beans you'll hardly accept anything else. Acquired taste is something that you will hardly let go, unless the change is for something better. And with coffee as with so many other things - the search for the perfection is an endless challenge.

Decaf Coffee-Removing Caffeine, Swiss Water Cleansing
Decaffeinated Coffee provides a choice an option to people when they love to drink their coffee but do not want to cause possible health side effects. Some of these may be hypertension. Decaffeinated coffee goes through a process to help strip away the caffeine allowing it to produce coffee beans without high levels of caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee beans have been known to find their way into other foods such as cocoa, tea.

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