Green Mountain Coffee-Setting the Standard for Flavor

Green Mountain Coffee-Setting the Standard for Flavor

Green Mountain Coffee is one of the leaders in the specialty coffee industry. Offering over 100 coffee selections including estate, certified organic, Fair Trade, signature blends, and flavored coffees that it sells under the Green Mountain Coffee brand.

While the majority of Green Mountain Coffee's revenue is derived from its wholesale operations, they also operate an online and direct mail business. They are best known on account of their coffee pods.

 Coffee Pods are small round disks of specialty coffee in a filter that have been designed for use in single-cup brewers that have recently been introduced to the consumer market and are currently being launched in the commercial market.

Based on its performance, Green Mountain Coffee has been recognized in the past years as one of Forbes Magazine's 200 Best Small Companies in America and in 2004 as one of the Society of Human Resource Management's Best Medium Companies to Work for in America.

Each year the Company contributes at least five percent of its pre-tax profits to support socially responsible initiatives. Doing business with such a company should make everyone feel better, especially while enjoying their coffee.

Organic Coffee Beans-Special Choice Beans, Gourmet Coffee Beans, Top Choice
Organic Coffee Beans is the closest you can get to be in a fresh start for a perfect cup of coffee. Being organic guarantees that your coffee beans will not be processed allowing you to roast him the way you want or add flavoring to them. You are also supporting fair trade coffee.

Fresh Coffee Beans-Where Time Makes All the Difference
As you probably know, roasted coffee quickly loses its aroma and flavor when exposed to air (that is why it should always be kept in air tight containers). So, to truly experience a fantastic coffee, you should have access to fresh coffee beans.

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