Espresso-Gourmet Coffee, Specialty Coffee, the Art of Coffee Flavor

Espresso-Gourmet Coffee, Specialty Coffee, the Art of Coffee Flavor

Espresso Coffee is considered to be one of the most precise art forms of making a cup of coffee. Right from the factors of properly packing and preparing the ground coffee(fresh ground coffee beans) that have been through a delicate roasting cycle to bringing your water and coffee to the proper exact temperature in combination with the specific pressure and timing for the process. Through all this you end up with one cup of perfect flavor and aroma gourmet coffee.

Espresso is not just a coffee but it's a way of experience what you are going to enjoy with the coffee as the essence of the flavor and the aroma of the intensified coffee providing you with a very passionate way for you to properly experience this special coffee.

Espressos have become their own entity in how they express a perfect cuppa coffee whether it's a combination of having it on ice or if you decided to have it without steamed milk or maybe you have added extra flavorings such as chocolate or sentiment. No matter what your end finished drink will always surpass any other cuppa coffee that you may choose.

Always Start with Fresh Ingredients

The best advice that anyone could get to create their perfect espresso is always start with freshly made ingredients of high quality coffee that you have freshly ground into a fine ground and allow it to be firmly packed into a porta filter. The end result will be when the pump is turned on and activated it will produce a warm stream of honey appearance liquid that is typically golden or reddish speckled.

Typically so that your palate has been neutralized drinking carbonated water will allow you to enjoy the full robust flavor of the espresso will not having any residual taste that are in your mouth prior to your coffee.

When you are making your espresso you will find that there is a variety of different espressos that are made to complement a variety of different taste pallets they are typically designed to be wet, dry, classic and also no one as a double (doppio).

  • The classic cappuccino: This is typically the combination of having one espresso that will have the combination of equal amounts of steamed and foamed milk.
  • The Dry Cappuccino: This is a favorite among Italians that it is a combination of one espresso with the combination of having more foam than steamed milk providing you with a less diluted drink giving you a very flavorful intense espresso.
  • The Wet Cappuccino: As it typically states it will be not a dry flavor but a more wet delicate touch to your tongues palate. It is created with having one espresso with a combination of more steamed milk then the foam. The overall expression of this drink creates a milkier cappuccino that is typically less strong.
  • Double or (Doppio Cappuccino): This is not as in tales of being double the side but it is typically made with two espressos and having your steamed milk and foam the end result will provide you with strength flavor in the double category.

A True Cappuccino Starts with a Good Espresso Base

You will find that a lot of people will debate on what makes an actual cappuccino a true cappuccino by people arguing over whether having the right amount of milk foam versus steamed or just heated milk that should be used to create the cappuccino drink.

Even though you can argue this part of it there is one ingredient that will always remain the same over the base of both ways of producing your cappuccino and that is the beginning espresso part. Everything else that is added to this drink is just another variable and becomes a personal flavor taste and is typically regulated by regional specialties.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans-Maybe the best world beans
The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans are grown in the high grounds of the Blue Mountain Peaks (it is not hard to find where the beans got their name from, is it?). Being a Jamaican trademark, Blue Mountain stands as a reference to the highest quality coffee in existence.

Kona Coffee-Say Aloha to Your Cup
Grown on a small number of coffee farms on the Kona coast on the Island of Hawaii, Kona coffee has quickly achieved a premium coffee status. But even within the Kona kind, there are several different blends. The most sought after is the rare Pea berry Kona coffee.

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