Coffee History - Hone up on you coffee facts and learn about the coffee industry

Coffee History - Hone up on you coffee facts and learn about the coffee industry

Coffee history has early beginnings.  There are several legends about how coffee was actually discovered, but one of the oldest and my favorite is about a young Arabian goatherd named Kaldi from the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.  It was around 850AD, and Kaldi one day noticed that when his goats ate a specific red berry from a dark green leafed shrub, the goats would dance and jump excitedly about. 

Eventually curiosity got the better of him and he tried some and found he too had more energy.  It is a wonderful legend despite some recent botanical evidence indicating that Arabica coffee actually originated in central Ethiopia.  Anyways, the stories continue on that then the Monks also then tried the fruit but finding it so bitter thru it into the fire, where upon they smelled a wonderful aroma filling the air it was the roasted beans. 

They took these roasted beans and created a brew that allowed them to stay awake during extended hours of prayer.  A gift from God they thought, and distributed them to other monasteries around the world.  Coffee was born!

So though it seems that coffee started out to be a stimulant, it ending up becoming a passion of many.  Coffee has been a major beverage throughout history and has become a source of everybody's interest.  Are you one of the coffee history information starved individuals? 

There are many websites to read through looking at the coffee industry, sighting coffee facts and figures and having an in depth look at the general coffee history. You can find out how coffee beans are grown, and how coffee is prepared, for example brewing, roasting and grinding coffee beans.

Understanding how the coffee came to be, studying the history, facts and industry not only educates you in one of the biggest industries, but will help guide you to making that perfect cup.

Ground Coffee-Getting closer to the coffee cup
The grinding process allows us to maximize the extraction of the coffee flavor and aroma. Is it not the scent of fresh ground coffee one of the most appreciated ones? Just do not take too long appreciating it, because within a couple of minutes the oxidation process will take away most of its flavor and aroma.

Espresso-Gourmet Coffee, Specialty Coffee, the Art of Coffee Flavor
The Espresso is the ultimate gourmet, specialty coffees and is the top choice for a strong flavored coffee that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. The art of making an espresso comes down to pressurizing with steam to bring out the full flavor of these beans and allowing for the proper process of drawing all the flavor out of the coffee itself.

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