Coffee Directory-Recipes, Equipment, Tips, Reviews

Coffee Directory-Recipes, Equipment, Tips, Reviews

The Coffee Directory has a wide variety of information and resources to help you discover the world of coffee. If you're looking for special gourmet recipes, right coffee maker to make that special blend that you love to maybe a gift to a coffee lover that no other gift would do. Coffee is one of the best gifts that you can have in the morning when you first wake up the fresh smell of coffee and that first sip that helps wake you up and get ready for the rest of the day.

Great resources and helpful information for coffee

Best Coffee Ever-Available in a Coffee Maker near You
We live in a time and age where access to excellent coffee has never been easier. Finding the best coffee around just takes a quick search and some simple tasting experiments.

Best Online Coffee Store-Getting your coffee quickly at the best price
Why would you need the best online coffee store? Are you not tired of searching for a hard to find specialty gourmet coffee? Do you find that your local shop does not carry any of the blends you are so fond of?

Starbucks Coffee-Providing you the dark roast you love
By creating a vast selection of coffee based drinks, from classic ones, to innovative specialty coffees; Starbuck coffee will find a way to suit your mood. Either relaxing in one of their cozy outlets, or buying their blends and drinks to enjoy at home.

Caribou Coffee-Your friendly neighborhood coffee outlet
Caribou Coffee Company was founded in 1992 by John and Kim Puckett. They are the second largest non-franchised coffee chain in the US (Starbucks being the first), and they have around 300 stores in 12 states. If you turn out to really love their drinks, the Caribou Coffee Company also sells whole bean coffee and related brewing supplies.

Coffee Beans Online-Quality, Hard-To-Find, Gourmet Beans
After taking that first step, you will quickly realize that buying coffee beans online is the best way to get the best coffees at the best price. And you will even find coffees blends you would never be able to find in the local shops in your area.

Coffee History - Hone up on you coffee facts and learn about the coffee industry
Coffee history has early beginnings. There are several legends about how coffee was actually discovered, but one of the oldest and my favorite is about a young Arabian goatherd named Kaldi from the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.

Coffee Makers, Grinders and Roasters- make your best cup of coffee
Are you tired of spending too much money at your local coffee shop? Does your Coffee Maker make a lousy cup of coffee? A great cup of coffee is dependent upon how your coffee equipment functions. You have great beans to begin with, now you want to turn it into a great cup of coffee.

Best Coffee Makers-Flavorful Coffee, Gourmet Brewing, Just Right Java
The Best Coffee Makers are those that will turn the best coffee beans into the finest coffee you will ever drink. Depending on the type of coffee you love the most, you will find a lot of coffee makers out there. Maybe you are comfortable with a light coffee out of your drip coffee machine every morning, or maybe you prefer the stronger experience of a freshly made espresso.

Braun Coffee Makers-Quality, Guaranteed Flavor Fresh
Braun coffee makers are offered in several models, including their Impression Design Collection that offers you a stylish coffee maker. Being such an historical company, Braun keeps making excellent appliances - Braun coffee makers are just one more proof of that.

Bunn Coffee Makers-A Family Tradition of Making Coffee
Bunn Coffee Makers have a well-known reputation of being high quality products.Bunn, an Illinois based company founded over 50 years ago, is still managed and operated by the same family that created it. It has now expanded into Canada where it has another manufacturing plant, and also possesses a warehouse in Manchester in the UK.

Cappuccino Machines-Making your coffee wishes come true
Cappuccino Machines are extraordinary pieces of machinery - at the press of a button, it delivers one of the most exquisite coffee drinks available. Cappuccino machines deserve a place in the history of mankind, by providing a specialty coffee drink at the touch of a button.

Coffee Vending Machine-Fresh cuppa coffee whenever you need it
Coffee Vending Machines can now be found nearly everywhere. Whenever you might feel the need for a cup of coffee, look closely around you. As with other type of vending machines, coffee vending machines quickly proved that bringing the coffee out of the usual coffee places was indeed a smart move.

Drip Coffee-Flavorful coffee one drip the time
There are several different methods to brew coffee, and drip coffee is probably the most commonly used along with the espresso. Drip brewing is based on the process of boiling water slowly dripping through ground coffee and a paper filter. Keep in mind that coffee brewing is not an exact science. We can rely on technology to take care of some stuff.

Espresso Grinders-Having the right tool for the job
Being as important as all the other components (the coffee beans quality, the espresso machine, and the barista) the grinding step must be executed flawlessly. Any mistake will reduce the quality your espresso could achieve. That is why espresso grinders should always be kept clean.

Espresso Machines-Pressurized Brewing, Coffee Flavoring, Java
Espresso Machines are named after the Italian word espresso for express as the espresso is quickly made and served to the customer. The espresso is made by passing high pressure very hot water through freshly ground coffee of the espresso blend. This technique, when properly mastered, offers great coffee.

Home Coffee Roasters-Quality Roasting Makes Great Flavoring
The roasting process is one of the most important in order to achieve the finest quality coffee, and although it will certainly take you some time until you find the best settings for your coffee, once you get there, you will have a truly fresh coffee like you have never experienced before.

Home Espresso Machines-A Café within Your Reach
Home Espresso Machines have allowed every single one of us to be able to enjoy an espresso on the comfort of our own home. Some people look at espressos like some sort of black magic- and in part they are right. Espresso making is an art very few master. But you are in the right place to start.

One Cup Coffee Makers-Convenience, Quick, Single Serve Coffee
By brewing coffee directly into your cup (or mug), One Cup Coffee Makers are the easiest coffee makers to maintain and use. You do not have to worry about cleaning coffee pots, as there is not one - some even offer you a washable coffee filter.

Cappuccino Mugs-The best way to drink your favorite coffee
Cappuccino Mugs are responsible for keeping the coffee at the right temperature. Usually they're made of thick ceramic, providing adequate heat retention. On the other hand, you be able to find all kinds of mugs after all, it has become one of the most common of gifts.

Cappuccino Cups-Enhancing Your Coffee Experience
They are larger than espresso cups. But although you might be used to seeing the American cups, the traditional Italian cups are much more similar to an espresso cup than the bowl-like American cups. The reason for the cups to be closed is to better keep the heat.

Coffee Cup Warmer-Keeping the right temperature of your coffee
So, whether you are away or at home and need a hot drink, a coffee cup warmer is one of those simple tools that you will be happy to have. Although it's not a tool to match any higher-end coffee maker, It's just the kind of tool you will need when you are being portable.

Custom Coffee Cups-Personalizing Your Coffee Experience
Now, you just have to wait for the right moment to offer your gift but wait, every moment is a good moment to offer a gift! No excuse there. Go ahead and watch that big smile coming up as soon as they realize what they're getting (if you're a really nice person you might want to include a nice pack of gourmet coffee blend in it).

Funny Coffee Mugs-Humorous Conversation about Coffee
By carefully browsing through all the Funny Coffee Mugs out there, you'll certainly find one that will be appropriate to the person you have in mind. Maybe the trouble will be in choosing just one. You will find mugs that will make you instantly think of someone this would be perfect for! Well, every day is a good day for a gift.

Unique Coffee Mugs-Unusual, Funny, Coffee Mug Choices
Unique Coffee Mugs are now widely available. If you're tired of having your coffee in that same old plain coffee mug, let me tell you, there is a whole world of unique coffee mugs out there. Whether you just feel a need to change, or you would like to make a statement.

Green Coffee-Freshest Route to Your Cup
Green Coffee (usually referring to unroasted raw coffee beans) gives you the chance to experience the most intense coffee tasting experience possible. If getting the best coffee is your goal, green coffee is the right path to follow.

Green Coffee Beans-Your Coffee Starts Here
If you buy Green Coffee Beans, you can roast it yourself. If you have a home coffee roaster, or just a hotair popcorn popper, you are on your way. By doing your own roasting, you can ensure that the roasted coffee will be exactly as you want. Have fun experimenting.

Green Mountain Coffee-Setting the Standard for Flavor
Green Mountain Coffee is one of the leaders in the specialty coffee industry. Offering over 100 coffee selections including estate, certified organic, Fair Trade, signature blends, and flavored coffees that it sells under the Green Mountain Coffee brand.

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