Caribou Coffee-Your friendly neighborhood coffee outlet

Caribou Coffee-Your friendly neighborhood coffee outlet

Caribou coffee is a nice place for you to enjoy your coffee drinks. If the Starbucks style does not suit you, or you just need to change for a while - Caribou coffee might do the trick.

Caribou Coffee Company was founded in 1992 by John and Kim Puckett. They are the second largest non-franchised coffee chain in the US (Starbucks being the first), and they have around 300 stores in 12 states.

Their outlets set them apart from the others: they are designed to resemble ski lodges and Alaskan cabins, how is that for a change? They offer a wide variety of coffee blends and specialty coffee drinks.

If you turn out to really love their drinks, the Caribou Coffee Company also sells whole bean coffee and related brewing supplies. So, you will be able to take their coffee home with you, but you will lose that nice setting of their outlets (unless you do live in an Alaskan cabin or a ski lodge!)

Types of Coffee Beans-The right beans for your coffee cup
Usually, the different types of coffee beans are sorted according to their species: the most common being the Arabica and Robusta species. However, you'll hardly see any coffee branded with these names. Most coffee makers brand their coffee with more appealing names using their geographic origin.

Home Coffee Roasters-Quality Roasting Makes Great Flavoring
The roasting process is one of the most important in order to achieve the finest quality coffee, and although it will certainly take you some time until you find the best settings for your coffee, once you get there, you will have a truly fresh coffee like you have never experienced before.

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