Coffee Info from grinding espresso beans to delightful cappuccino recipes

Coffee Info from grinding espresso beans to delightful cappuccino recipes

Coffee. The word evokes different sentiments for different people. This simple brown liquid can be a wake-up call in the morning, the basis of a social outing or a peaceful escape from the hurried world. But what is the real story behind this beverage? More than 500 billion cups of coffee are served worldwide each year. How many times has it been the choice of a specialty coffee such as a cappuccino that is the finisher to a dinner?

How do you take that little coffee bean and brew up your own little piece of paradise.

Is coffee really that simple? Coffee can be as simple or complex as you want to make it.  You could easily just choose an already ground espresso coffee package and you are off to the races. Or you could delve deep, looking at the country of origin for the coffee bean; various varieties grown (e.g. Arabica, Robusta, Liberia).

 How it was grown (eg commercial, small plantation, organic methods); how it was roasted (or how you can roast the bean); grinding methods; and finally how to brew it to obtain the best flavor possible.  Coffee is a huge area, but let us take a little time, while you are sipping your coffee of course, and try to understand the concepts and some of the frequently asked questions about this heavenly beverage.

The process of perfecting a fine cup of coffee in the past was maybe done by trial and error, not anymore!

There is always new information and innovative coffee technology being introduced all the time.  So whether you are just beginning to investigate the fascinating world of coffee, an experienced coffee connoisseur, or just wanting a great espresso or cappuccino recipe, check out the articles and other links below to see how you can even further enrich your coffee experience. Enjoy!

Cappuccino Machines-Making your coffee wishes come true
Cappuccino Machines are extraordinary pieces of machinery - at the press of a button, it delivers one of the most exquisite coffee drinks available. Cappuccino machines deserve a place in the history of mankind, by providing a specialty coffee drink at the touch of a button.

Espresso Grinders-Having the right tool for the job
Being as important as all the other components (the coffee beans quality, the espresso machine, and the barista) the grinding step must be executed flawlessly. Any mistake will reduce the quality your espresso could achieve. That is why espresso grinders should always be kept clean.

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